Opinion poll – Development of a mixed residential and commercial project in LaSalle



In 2014, Quorum launched the Highlands project located between Stirling and Highlands Streets in LaSalle: a multi-generational project with condos, row and stacked townhouses and duplexes. Spurred by the success of this residential development with a total of 174 units that will soon be completed, the company hopes to launch a new project, similar to Highlands. This new residential development will include a variety of housing types located in the same sector and open to the neighbourhood, and will be named Highlands II.

Quorum gives itself the mission to make the best possible use of the sites it hopes to develop considering the lack of developable land on the island of Montreal. With this in mind, it is important for us to consider the opinions of the largest possible number and diversity of respondents by consulting local citizens, as they are best neighbourhood specialists.


The site is bordered by Jean-Milot, des Oblats and Wanklyn Streets and Route 138 in LaSalle. In January 2016, a housing project was presented to the Office de consultation publique (OCPM). Even though all stakeholders agreed that this land, nicknamed “l’Îlot Wanklyn”, was suitable for a residential development, and that they all wanted a project to be carried out as quickly as possible, the project presented was not recommended for various reasons specifically regarding the quality of the project, its integration within the existing environment, its density and its impact on the neighbourhood.

Quorum believes that this site offers an optimal location due to its proximity to the LaSalle train station and several bus lines meeting the demand for housing that is easily accessible by public transportation in LaSalle, which respects the TOD (Transit Oriented Development) concepts for new residential developments.

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