Fundraiser evening – Group and Théâtre Paradoxe

Groupe Quorum is pleased to have participated as a partner in the fundraiser evening for the benefit of the Group and the Théâtre Paradoxe, which took place on December 6th. The activity was hosted by Christian Bégin with the participation of several guests such as Philippe Brach and Florence K. Maxime Laporte, Director of Development, Sales and Marketing at Groupe Quorum was Honorary President of this evening.


Groupe Paradoxe is a social economy organization that promotes social and professional integration in the event organizing and entertainment industry. Every year, 30 technician apprentices, aged between 18 and 35, join the team for seven months to take their first steps into the cultural industry: a rewarding paid experience for these young people.


In order to allow vertical integration of training in the workplace, the organization decided to set up its own theater: the Théâtre Paradoxe. This new theater with its unique character is at once a place of training for young people in socioprofessional integration, a multidisciplinary cultural scene, a lever of urban revitalization and an eco-responsible theater.


For Groupe Quorum, this event was a must in order to support Groupe Paradox's exemplary career in the integration of young apprentice technicians, in the preservation of an exceptional historic building that is Paradoxe Theater and, of course, in its integration in the economic and cultural field of the Ville Émard borough.



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